Our Process

A Simple, Free & Non-Risk Process

The process is quite simple. We begin with a 15-minute confidential online consultation wherein we can identify your most promising opportunities, biggest challenges and hurdles that need to be removed. This consultation is completely free of charge with no obligation to you. Depending upon our findings, we will make our recommendations about possible next steps. Drawing from our vast network of experts from a wide range of industries and specialties, we will offer solutions and suggestions that are specifically tailored to your company’s specific needs and current situation. In some instances, Cytex Ventures may offer lead-generation, search engine optimization, web design or any number of other business development services. We may also offer assistance in building a franchising structure or further developing business opportunities. For the right ventures, Cytex has the ability to seek out and secure the best source of capital, be it an angel investor or network, or more traditional forms of funding, required for your enterprise to achieve its success potential.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

Having the ability to be the first on the market is a very important factor. Therefore, we completely understand and respect our clients' need for confidentiality. In most instances, there is no need to divulge any proprietary information during the initial consultation. Furthermore, all our associates and partners are bound by our strict non-disclosure policy that protects all of your sensitive information.


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Free Online Consultation

During the 15 minute consultation we will assess your needs and opportunities

Strategic Planning

Our experts will develop a strategic plan to help you reach your goals


Through our extensive network, we will put the strategic plan into action

And What Next?

After conducting a first phone or video conference you, our team will send you, in writing, a summary of our discussions, business or technical recommendations, and, in some cases a business proposal which could be a consulting agreement, a term sheet for a potential investment in your company, a proposal for a joint venture or a partnership or other kind of proposals.

In any case, our discussions will be under absolute confidentiality. Our reputation depends on maintaining your trust in us and safeguarding your proprietary and sensitive information. When you work with Cytex Ventures, you can feel confident that your ideas are safe, and helping you grow is the primary goal.

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