Questions & Answers

1Is Cytex the right partner if we just need money?
If you just need money but not "smart money" we may not be the right choice. Cytex invests only on those qualified startups and early stage companies where, in addition to its money, its special skills and experiences can be implemented.
2How much does Cytex Ventures charge for its services?
The initial online consultation is completely FREE. Based upon our assessment, our experts will then be in a position to make recommendations on possible next steps highlighting ways in which we feel Cytex can best support your efforts, detailing the nature of our involvement and the compensation required. In some instances, this can be in the form of an equity stake, a percentage of future revenues or simply a paid fee for service. Upon completion of the initial consultation, you are under no obligation to proceed with any of our services, however, we’re confident that you will find our offering to be a beneficial way to fast-track your success plan.
3Do you only work with companies from a certain part of the world?
Cytex Ventures has the ability to work with entrepreneurs and companies based anywhere in the world. For matters relating to contract law and other legal matters, we can provide our insights and opinions, but may also suggest you also consult a local legal professional.
4Do you specialize in a specific industry?
Our team of experts comes from a wide range of industries and sectors. The breadth and width of our pool of knowledge extends and applies to virtually any type of business. We know that we can provide you with relevant information and action to take your business to the next level.
5How can Cytex helps us secure angel investment.
We have often seen business owners and entrepreneurs focus on outside funding at the wrong stage of their business’ development. Sometimes, there has not been adequate market research done, or questions of manufacturing and distribution need to be investigated first. Part of the initial consultation will help us uncover what the appropriate next steps for your business may be and how we can best assist you in taking those steps. When raising capital is deemed the next logical step, we can provide assistance in obtaining the needed funds, often by finding the right angel or group of angel investors for you or by investing ourselves in your business.
6What kinds of services does Cytex Ventures provide?
In addition to the strategic planning and consulting we provide our clients, our network of partners can provide solutions in the areas of: Market Research Funding Product Design & Prototyping Packaging Branding Website Design Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Marketing Sales Manufacturing Human Resources Accounting Growth Management Franchising Project Management Mergers & Acquisitions Initial Public Offerings Expansion Into New Territories / Sales Channels Importing / Exporting Infrastructure Business Analysis Contract Negotiation …and much more
7What assurance do I have that someone from your organization won’t steal my idea / product?
At Cytex Ventures, all of our associated partners have built their professional reputations on integrity and ethical practices. In most cases, there is little need to divulge any proprietary information during the initial consultation. If both parties wish to proceed, then a standard nondisclosure agreement can be prepared, for added peace of mind.